Senior Pastors

Senior Pastor
Shirley and I have lived in Summerside for over 30 years. It has been our home where we have seen our four adult children nurtured and shaped, primarily by the relationships found in our church family. We are learning that the Kingdom of God is all about relationships. We love Summerside, and the people God continually brings into our church. Though we live in the smallest city of the smallest province of Canada, we're believing God for incredible things!
The Summerside Community Church is built on real relationships that have a practical foundation of grace. Grace is experienced in practical and supernatural ways and we are looking for both! We are forming relationships with all kinds of people from a wide variety of denominational backgrounds. We are constantly looking for the threads of unity to promote love. We are particularly looking for those who have no church background who are looking for a place to call home.
Our first pursuit is seeking the pleasure of God. Our one desire is to find His will and express it in everyday common ways. Our church family is always emerging and each year it's redefined by the new people that have been attracted to us. This makes us organic rather than institutional. We very much see ourselves as people in formation, a people who are in process. We are an emerging church, always changing, always growing.  

The church is a mysterious union between spirit and flesh. It's a place to both laugh and weep with those He loves. The church is a gathering of people in relationship with God walking out life in the midst of every day events. We would love to have you connect with the people who have become our family at SCC. Being a people in transit finds security with the many others who have said "Yes" to long term relationship. We like to think of ourselves as "A Place to Call Home". Thanks for checking us out!
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