Encounter Youth

Encounter Youth

We all know that youth face a lot of challenges.  It is a time of searching the world and themselves.  It is a time of asking questions:

  1. Where do I fit in this world?
  2. What do I believe?
  3. Who am I?
  4. What's my purpose?
Encounter Youth seeks to be a safe place for youth who are asking these questions.  It is a place of acceptance, encouragement and lots of fun!

Our desire is to equip youth to prosper and live fully joyful lives by creating an environment where they can ENCOUNTER the absolute life-changing love of God.

Encounter Youth meets every Thursday night at 7 pm at Centre 150.  The evening consists of hanging out, games, teaching, music, small group discussions and prayer.

We also have fun doing lots of other things like sports nights, movies, concerts, weekend retreats, ski trips, missions trips, etc.

For more info on Encounter Youth please contact Pastor Joel at sccoffice@sccpei.com or visit us on Facebook.
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