Life Groups

We highly value relationships.

Community life requires discipline and particular forms of nourishment, and isn’t simply created by spontaneity or laws.  Wholeness is best fostered in life groups, the primary means by which people are nurtured and looked after.  Life groups focus on fellowship (intimacy), celebration (worship), instruction and sharing (edifying) and prayer (ministry) (Acts 2:42). The “one another” passages found in the New Testament provide a framework for our life groups.  We are a church of many pastors, with everyone being a minister to one another.  Our Life Groups are the primary place where you get personal prayer for any needs you may have.

Sunday morning gathers all the life groups together and shall be primarily for celebration (worship), preaching (instruction), and breaking bread (remembrance).

Relationship is the reason why we believe that Life Groups are so essential to our family.  For information on our Life Groups at SCC, please contact our office and we'll help get you connected.

For a full list of our Life Groups, please view our weekly bulletin.  This bulletin can be accessed on our Home Page.

Sabbath Weeks

Every seven weeks our Life Groups and all other mid-week groups take a break for a week of rest.  We call these "Sabbath Weeks".  Please be sure to check with your Life Group Leader to confirm your group's schedule.
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